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Topic: Lunchroom
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David Keegan says...
Lingus by Snarky Puppy
9th July 2014 5:45pm
Drum Professor says...
YIKES.....I just listened to this song. OK, I get it. I see you guys are not going to be easy on me. Truthfully...THANK YOU...I asked for these suggestions and I won't run away!!
10th July 2014 7:17pm
Fred Rolff says...
Wow !! where do you start . What a great vibe with Snarky Puppy very cool stuff
13th July 2014 1:16pm
Benjamin Lewis-Skeath says...
Thanks David - you've just opened my eyes to a whole new level of awesomeness :)
13th July 2014 6:31pm
Dave says...
Steve Gadd, Keep the customer satisfied or Buddy Rich, Norwegian Wood
9th July 2014 12:05am
MuffinspuffinsEE says...
Spirit of the west - yellowjackets! :)
7th July 2014 2:13pm
Fay Stevens says...
Love the Van Morrison Music....Caravan or Come Running or Glad Tidings
6th July 2014 3:34pm
Drum Professor says...
Cool, and I remember "Moondance" . One of the first songs to get me interested in jazz.:)
6th July 2014 4:13pm
Mike Benton says...
Concerning linear drumming, I'd love to see some of the classic Dave Weckl album "Master Plan" broken down. Thanks!
3rd July 2014 11:50am
John Parker says...
This contest brings back lots of memories..Thanks Drum Prof.!
1. WIPEOUT by the Safaris
2. FRANKENSTEIN by The Edgar Winter Group
3. IN A GADDA DA VIDA by the Iron Butterfly
2nd July 2014 7:39pm
Drum Professor says...
Yeah! old school favorites. thanks!
3rd July 2014 1:47pm
Jim Clark says...
the classic - Kashmir!
1st July 2014 8:23am
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