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Topic: Lunchroom
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The Drum Professor says...
very funny.....but not a prob.... I get irked many times when I see some other drum websites where the performers may have super chops, but seem to take joy in explaining concepts that sound impressive and intellectually advanced. Even if they make that performer look good, they leave out a huge segment of our drumming population, I'll think I'll take your comment and turn it into a challenge to try to make the material/concepts relate able for those of us drummers at the ... Read More
21st June 2014 2:44pm
heating and cooling guy says...
Scotty you are rocking and shocking ! But Fellas, I need more cowbell as well as BASS DRUM!!
21st June 2014 2:43pm
Mark W. says...
The site is looking great. Can't wait for more content!
21st June 2014 2:42pm
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