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Topic: Lunchroom
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Maxim says...
Wow.. I just randomly found a video of yours on youtube.. I just felt the urge to thank you that you're sharing so much high quality information for free..
I guess I'll spend some time on your lessons to fresh up my drumming skills.. Every bit of information you give is really good and helpful..
Thanks, you're awesome!

Best regards,
28th March 2016 7:49pm
Mick Mansfield says...
How do you play the drum break in Cream's Deserted Cities of the Heart. I've never been able to figure it out.
5th March 2016 9:45am
Mick Mansfield says...
Here's a song by my favorite rock drummer. B.J. Wilson from Procol Harum. The song is POWER FAILURE. I'm sure no one else will request it so you'll probably won't cover it but I would love you to listen to it and comment on it.
5th March 2016 9:43am
Fred Nakovic says...
I discovered the Drum Professor through a rudiment app (Rude) on my phone. I've only been drumming for about a year so plan to visit this site often. I definitely want to get near the Prof's supper smooth but powerful style!
20th February 2016 3:45pm
Drumprofessor says...
Hey thanks for that Fred. Glad to have you a part of this!
20th February 2016 6:08pm
Gus Kund says...
You always were a better drummer than me in high school, and still are..I hate you ;)
20th January 2016 10:32pm
Justin says...
I just bought all of your videos that you have. I want to put them on my external hard drive, however when I click download video, it just opens up in windows media player, how can I download the videos and put them on my hard drive so I can watch them anytime, when im not on internet?
5th December 2015 12:36pm
Techsupport says...
Justin I'm not sure what's going on there. Clicking on download video should do just that. What browser are you using? Please email me at so we can figure this out. from Peter
5th December 2015 12:56pm
drum professor says...
Hi Justin. How did it go? Were you able to download them? I'm double checking as our tech guy, Peter said he hadn't heard back from you yet. Wanted to make sure they are working for you.
6th December 2015 5:42pm
Ron says...
Looking at your 3 steps to fills PDF. Your drum notation key seems a bit unusual ? Typically on the staff the hi tom is on the top space, lo tom on line below the hi tom and snare below it on next space of the staff. Just makes it a lot easier to read standard notation .
15th November 2015 7:53am
Drumprofessor says...
Thanks for the feedback Ron. I'll check into it. Some of my "old school" books had it that way but maybe it's time for an upgrade!
17th November 2015 6:27pm
steve says...
ok REAL INTERESTING,,,,now im ready to give up my drums sticks and trade them for some knitting needles,,that just confused me,,,,just kidding.
23rd September 2015 9:05pm
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