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Topic: Lunchroom
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steve says...
just watched the follow up vid. PRETTY GOOD.
23rd September 2015 9:02pm
Rod says...
hi when you talk about the 10 steps in a solo you talk about accents on sixteenth notes is it possible to just write that send that to me .I liked what you are doing. could I also get that 10 steps to solo. Also your update video glitches at 1:30. thank you.
5th September 2015 8:11pm
Jeff Thompson says...
And I didn't tell you how much you inspired me, which was alot...
17th July 2015 9:49pm
Dru says...
Jeff. COOL. Hey, I can't tell you how glad I am that I could help in that way. That's one of the main purposes of the site. Happy to keep in touch.
21st July 2015 2:34pm
Jeff Thompson says...
I am a 35+ year veteran drummer, and believe it or not, I JUST THIS MONTH came across the paradiddle-diddle, quite by accident. I was watching a youtube video and thought I was watching the double paradiddle, and couldn't figure out why he was leading with the same hand. Lo and behold, a lost gem sparked an interest in me, and then I came across your video, and must say, well done sir!! You have given me much food for thought, and I have a renewed interest in bettering my abilities.
17th July 2015 9:33pm
Dave Blackann says...
what kind of drum stick are that u use?
20th June 2015 1:17pm
Drum Professor says...
Hi Dave......sometimes I use the red bamboo sticks called "hot rods". Other times I use Vic Firth Gavin Harrison model.
24th June 2015 7:51pm
Christopher Bunch says...
Enjoyed the website and your playing professor!! Always looking to further my skills and technique. Keep up the good work.
19th May 2015 12:55am
Seungill Shin says...
I'm Korean living in Pusan. Professor's lecture was very impressive and easy to understand. Thank you.
18th May 2015 2:11am
christine Santolaya says...
5th May 2015 2:55am
Gus says...
Amen However...
Email is too fast for me..I prefer hand written letters. It's more personal
letters = Analog
Email = digital
2nd May 2015 4:02pm
Glen says...
You are the best!
29th April 2015 4:47pm
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