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Topic: Lunchroom
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John Parker says...
Thanks for teaching us old dogs new tricks!
30th April 2015 6:39pm
Phil says...
I am quite an advanced pianist and I have a reasonable understanding of drumming from watching, listening to and having conversations with drummers, but I have no technique to speak of because I rarely get access to a kit. I have a practice pad use from time to time. My circumstances have led me to have a good opportunity to practise on my pad for a few months and I would like to build up a bit of technique with a view to get a kit in the future. Which rudiments would you suggest would be ... Read More
4th March 2015 2:09pm
Drum Professor. says...
thanks for the question Phil. One thing I always like to emphasis is to practice any rudiments that have triplets in them. This is because they can be useful in fills/solos (16th note triplets). So an exercise I do is: RLL RLL RLL RLL continuous triplets and the opposite LRR LRR. It may look easy but getting this nice+relaxed+ fast will really strengthen the hand that does the doubles. Also I love paradiddle diddles RLRRLL RLRRLL. same thing . And for them I almost always start on the right ... Read More
4th March 2015 6:36pm
Barbara says...
Hello Mr.Avery, almost every day I visit your Videos on YT because you´re really a good teacher and naturally a very very good Drummer! What do you think about a lesson about standart latin grooves? Or a lesson about Shuffle grooves and fills?
Or would you like to play "Hotel California" from the Eagles and explain the groove and the fills for me and all of the world? That would be nice!! :-)
Thanks for all your effort and best regards from Germany
18th February 2015 2:41pm
Drum Professor. says...
Barbara...great comment. Yes, I can give some of those a serious thought. I always enjoy getting suggestions. thanks.
19th February 2015 5:20pm
Doug Van Duser says...
Loved both Vicarious and 19 Days! You looked deliberate yet relaxed.
An impressive accomplishment.
24th October 2014 5:41pm
Cameron Herman says...
You should cover learn to fly - Foo Fighters, oh and the song "the pretender" would be super cool for a faster paced cover song!
13th August 2014 6:20pm
Michael Urbonya says...
Please cover the theme from the Tonite Show, Johnny Carson"s song by Doc Severson and the Band. Your website is amazing! You are a true genius, BwiaMaster....
13th August 2014 11:23am
Jeffery Thomas says...
I really like to hear a cover of Time of the Season, by the Zombies. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
11th August 2014 8:28pm
Joe says...
Hello Professor, A song I would really enjoy watching you cover is "Phase Dance" By: Pat Metheny. On this track Danny Gotlieb is on the drums and he rips it I love the song and the difficulty it presents you with. Would be A quality jazz Cover that would test you and several different rudiments/ fills.
1st August 2014 11:43pm
Drum Professor says...
I love Pat Metheny's music. I was fortunate to play/jam with him one night for a few hours when I was in high school at the Stan Kenton music camp in '72. He was just getting known then and everyone knew he was......IT. Youre idea is a nice one for jazz and I'm just getting ready to shoot Gavin Harrison's 19 days this this week. It's taken me MONTHS to learn as I am trying to go for lot's of details......thanks again.
3rd August 2014 11:43pm
Chris K. Santolaya says...
Song suggestion for you Old Schoolers: Won´t Get Fooled Again by The Who
31st July 2014 1:25pm
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