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Topic: Lunchroom
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Andreas Lüdemann says...
Save Me - Avenged Sevenfold!
15th July 2014 1:16pm
Drum Professor says...
Congrats on comment #100. Yes, I like Avenged Sevenfold. I have great memories of listening to them my last year of high school '73. (or was it the Beach Boys...I'm getting old. I can't remember, 'cause they both sound so similar....!)
17th July 2014 10:05pm
Illu says...
Hi drumprofessor! Please cover Ozric Tentacles- Sploosh. :)
15th July 2014 7:01am
Will Andersen says...
Cissy Strut - The Meters Great linear groove!
14th July 2014 9:21pm
Terry Arnold says...
Disturbed - Down with the Sickness
13th July 2014 6:14pm
Fred Rolff says...
Material from Zeppelin John Bonham Black Dog and his approach ?
13th July 2014 9:17am
Benjamin Lewis-Skeath says...
Please please cover Freewill by Rush! Neil Peart's drumming is so perfect and bang on - phenomenal piece (and so many time signature changes)
13th July 2014 7:28am
Drum Professor says...
That's true. Neil was one of the innovators for so much of our prog rock and odd time signature drumming of today. nice one.
13th July 2014 9:57pm
barry miller says...
do rader love by golden earring
12th July 2014 10:20pm
Ryan says...
Baracudda - Heart its always a nice song
panic attack - dream theater
run - snow patrol :)
10th July 2014 6:18pm
Ted Naperkoski says...
How about a Chick Corea tune...Armando's Rhumba? Thanks, Ted.
10th July 2014 5:31pm
Kurt says...
Vicarious - Tool 10,000 days. You'll like it. I promise.
9th July 2014 7:50pm