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From the time I was 16 and Marching in the Macy’s Day Parade, in New York on Thanksgiving Day, until the present time being 63 years of age, I have always loved to learn. About music, love, life, the universe. You name it. Hopefully I’ll have another 63 years of learning still to go, but……possibly not. Either way - it’s still cool.

In my latest Professor’s update....
I share a little bit about a something that turned out to be a totally unexpected surprise in learning such a basic thing as…… "How to hit a Drum”

And I thought I knew all about it!
Where ever anyone is presently at, the aspect of being able to learn, upgrade one’s musical and technical abilities is such a magical area. And these days it’s easier than ever with all the teachers, info of all kinds right at our fingertips.
Master Drum Teacher
Do you know this person? It’s Freddie Gruber. If anyone deserves the tittle of Master Drum Teacher it would be this man. Credited with teaching and consulting with drummers in his time that are now household names such as Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, Adam Nussbaum, Neil Peart, Anton Fig, Kenny Aronoff, Richie Garcia, Gregg Bissonette, Rod Morgenstein, Jim Keltner, and Bruce Becker.

I was fortunate to recently attend a drum seminar with Bruce Becker. Bruce has actually spent the greatest amount of time with Freddie during the last few decades even though he is perhaps less well know.  More than any of the other students. My mind was blown recently by attending Bruce’s seminar. Up until that time I was not aware of Bruce. Thank God I am now!
Glen Sobel
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Peter Kriss of KISS
Bruce Becker
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Scott at age 16