JUNE 2021 - ISSUE 16
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     Just for fun I thought I would share this link from a band I played with in my youth called New Vision recorded OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO.  I was the band leader and wrote most of the songs in a somewhat positive and upbeat nature. I thought I’d share it with you in this newsletter. It fits into the theme of watching the years pass by. Enjoy.
       Thanks for so much personal support during all these years. I’m still playing/teaching as much as ever during this time but haven’t posted as many videos last year. Now that we are empty nesters my wife and I have been taking a few road trips this year to find out possible places to relocate (“Escape”) from Fresno, California.  Anyway I’m still available for Skype, zoom lessons and will continue to do so always no matter where we end up.  Happy to keep in touch with you always and let me know what is happening in your drumming and musical life.   
years.  What do you think? Do you know some folks there?
Musically yours…….Scott

P.S. It’s looking more and more like we may be moving to New Mexico, Albuquerque area. We have several friends (musical and otherwise) in that area that we have known for many
     June is my birthday. And you know what? Last year I actually turned 65. And something else. This year I will be even older. I don’t understand how that happened as always before I have been very good concerning my “time and feel” all these years. But I just haven’t been able to prevent this from happening. And even worse……Don’t think it can’t happen to you!
2. I’ve decided to do a birthday blowout sale on all my videos and give them at half price for all the month of June.
This includes all the “step by step” notable videos ever sold on this website. All of them complete with their comprehensive notation pages included:

• Play your Beat like a studio drummer.
• Advanced fills course #1
• Advanced fills course #2
• Advanced double bass video
• Advanced Linear part 1
• and my favorite……Advanced 6 stroke rolls   
This sale is only for the videos, nothing else.
So if there was ever a time when you wanted to get any of these, or perhaps want to load up on some/all of them for your musical future. I’d suggest to do it right away.
The coupon will expire June 30th.
Go to my shop page: https://drumprofessor.net/shop.html
You can even click on some of the previews for each of those videos. When you decide what you want then use the promo code
BIRTHDAYBLOWOUT when you check out.  Any questions just email techsupport@drumprofessor.net
So in an effort to make the best of it now, I’ve decided to do two things:
1. Post a picture of myself from 12+ years ago and keep that image in my mind from now on. Let’s just say that it is a recent picture of me if anyone asks.